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An arch top window is commonly used as a decorative accent alone or positioned over a window or door unit. Our B35 glass makes them even better for energy conservation.

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An awning window style is typically used to provide ventilation in a room around a window or door. They hinge from a fixed joint at the top of the window and are commonly used in basements. B35 Heat Mirror 8 glass makes them more efficient than ever!

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Vinyl Bay or Bow Windows BAY OR BOW WINDOWS
Bay or bow vinyl windows extend out away from your home and typically give the appearance of more room space with curved shapes and a bay window consisting of varying angles. B35 Heat Mirror 8 glass provides 99.5% UV protection for your furnishings.

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Vinyl Casement Windows CASEMENT WINDOWS
Casement vinyl windows feature a crank-out mechanism for opening and closing and offer the greatest amount of ventilation. B35 Heat Mirror 8 glass adds superior sound performance for a quieter home all-year round.
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Vinyl Double Hung Windows DOUBLE HUNG WINDOWS
This traditional window consists of two operable sashes hung in one window opening. BEE double hung vinyl windows tilt to clean for easy maintenance. Our B35 Heat Mirror 8 glass system makes these grand windows great for energy savings too.

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Vinyl Slider Windows SLIDER WINDOWS
A sliding window unit consists of two sashes which operate horizontally by sliding left and right in a track. B35 glass helps keep the heat out in the summer and keeps the cold out in the winter.

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Picture windows by Bee PICTURE WINDOWS
A picture window is a fixed pane of glass that does not open or close. The shape and size are custom-made for your needs. With B35 glass, your new picture window will do a better job of blocking harmful UV rays and keeping out unwanted noise all year long.
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Basement hopper windows BASEMENT HOPPER WINDOWS
Basement windows with B35 Heat Mirror 8 glass are designed for maximum light infiltration for the darkest space in your home. The dual-locking design ensures maximum peace of mind for safety and security.
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Garden & Projected Frame windows GARDEN & PROJECTED FRAME WINDOWS
Expand your view and even grow plants, flowers & herbs inside your home with these wonderfully innovative 3-dimensional windows featuring the B35 glass system for maximum energy efficiency.
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B35 8 Glass

S-Tech HM8 Glass System


Sometimes the littlest things can make a huge difference. A pair of glasses can give someone a whole new look. New vinyl replacement windows as sold and installed by Bee Window can do the same thing for the exterior of your home. And thanks to the addition of new B35 Heat Mirror 8 Glass systems, your new windows can make your house more energy-efficient, quieter, and UV-safe than ever before!

The B35 HM8 Glass System is a dual-glazed, dual-cavity insulated glass system featuring the Heat MirrorĀ® energy-saving technology. The addition of the Heat Mirror film in the center of this insulated glass unit provides superior energy efficiency, superior sound performance and adds 99.5%+ UV protection for your home furnishings and decor.

Bee Window in Indiana offers a variety of vinyl replacement windows and window glass and pane replacements that can help you improve the appearance of your home. Take a look at what we have to offer.

Full Frame Replacement System for Complete Window Replacement

Simply installing a new window into an existing wooden frame isn't always the best idea, particularly if that frame is old, damaged or decaying. Bee's B35 Full Frame Replacement System is the solution, giving your home an entire new window opening for your beautiful new window and up to 30% more visible glass as well! Learn more.

If you like what you see and you're ready to get started with Bee, please schedule a free quote appointment. A Bee design consultant will visit your home for a complimentary design consultation and will provide you with a 30-day Low Price Guarantee on the products and installation services to get your home looking wonderful again. Bee is proud to offer these vinyl replacement window systems throughout Indianapolis and all of Indiana to our customers!

Bee Window proudly serves satisfied vinyl windows customers across all of Indiana, including Fort Wayne, South Bend and Lafayette.